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"Our mission at Critter Cowboys is to provide our customers with excellent and reliable service to ensure the health and safety of both your family and the animals that we encounter."

Interested In a FREE Inspection?

At Critter Cowboys we are always looking for ways to do the right thing for our customers and that is why we offer our FREE Inspection service. Just contact us and we will send one of our highly trained staff members to inspect your home at no cost to you and offer you a quote for any work that would need to be done.

To contact us for your FREE inspection and quote or any additional information please email us at or for immediate and urgent information call our hotline (678)409-0478. 

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Some of Our Services

Wildlife Services

At Critter Cowboys we offer a range of wildlife services. Those services are broken into two main categories which are wildlife Removal (Alive or Deceased) and Prevention.


Our Wildlife Removal Services include removal of dead animals and a range of critter and wildlife removal. Below is a list of some common wildlife and critters that we deal with on a regular basis. 

  • Moles

  • Groundhogs

  • Snakes

  • Mice

  • Rats

  • Raccoons

  • Foxes

  • Skunks

  • Squirrels

  • Armadillos


When it comes to pest prevention there are many different ways to try to accomplish that goal. Our Prevention Services include things such as exclusion as well as treatments to keep pests away. Our Prevention services come with recommendations that will be made after we complete our FREE Inspection and from there you will be able to select whatever specific prevention measure or measures you would like for us to take.

Gutter Guard Installation

Among the many services we offer at Critter Cowboys we can also help when it comes to your gutters. We offer a gutter guard installation service and if this sounds like something that you would like done, click the button below to contact us about pricing and if you would like a little bit more information on this service just click the more info button below.

See What our customers have to say

Drew Vecchione

Bill and the Critter Cowboy crew came through when squirrels got into my mothers attic. They responded quickly, came out to evaluate the situation the next day, and provided a detailed quote for the work. Work was done as promised on schedule with great communication and quality. Would definitely use the Critter Cowboys again.

Joy Crane

Critter Cowboys was amazing! I greatly appreciate the work they did and how they took their time! They resolved all issues we had and came out weekly to check traps and discuss any new activity. They were able to fix small holes of where flying squirrels were getting into. They told us to call them anytime we had an issue in the future and we gladly will! I highly recommend critter cowboys!!!

Zeb Kaleab

He came out and serviced my attic for infestation of squirrels in which had been playing in my attic for months! I haven’t heard any up there since he came and it’s been about a month now ! Highly recommend , he was very punctual , and professional !

Aisha Walker

Somehow, flying squirrels made their way into the house and got comfortable behind the walls. Called 3 companies to get quotes & the third one that showed gave the best warranty, availability, and matched the previous quotes. Very thankful to Bill and Critter Cowboys! Highly recommend!


Wildlife Index

Critter Cowboys keeps an index of all of the wildlife that we deal with most frequently. Mostly we deal with average wildlife such as: Raccoons, Opossums, Rats, Mice, Snakes, etc. Search our wildlife index for any information you wish to learn on any wildlife you encounter. For more specific information or for expert knowledge contact us instead of searching through our index.

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